Did you know there are Anki add-ons you didn’t know you needed? You probably didn’t (you are using Anki, right?), or maybe you did but you didn’t know why.

I mentioned a couple add-ons in my previous post about Anki. Now I’m back with a complete list, up-to-date for Anki 2.1. Let’s get the show on the road!

My addons.

Speed Focus Mode

This one’s a game-changer. It prevents you from spending too much time on a single card – if you do, it will show the answer, or automatically mark the card wrong, depending on how you configure the add-on.

By forcing you to do cards more quickly this add-on helps you learn more in less time, and Anki is about efficiency. It also keeps you focused, which is necessary for the smartphone addicts out there, including you.

My settings.My settings, but you do you.

Right Hand Reviews

When you want to do a lot of reviews in a small amount of time, you want to be using hotkeys instead of clicking. It is way faster to keep your hands on the keyboard, press Enter to show cards, and press 1, 2, 3, or 4 to rate their ease. It also lets you focus more vital brainpower on the cards and less on mouse navigation.

The hotkeys are even faster than touch-screen tapping, so I recommend doing Anki on a computer instead of a smartphone (which you are too addicted to, anyway).

You can improve on the default hotkeys with the “Right Hand Reviews” add-on. It lets you use a single hand for both hitting Enter and rating ease, freeing up the left hand to compose poetry in Latin.

Deck Stats

This add-on informs you how many reviews are remaining for the day, right from the main screen of Anki. A veritably indispensible feature.

Eggs.Oops wrong picture

More Overview Stats

This add-on shows some more stats for decks, which can be useful sometimes.

Review Heatmap

If you’ve ever wanted to view a review heatmap in Anki, now you can, with the Review Heatmap add-on for Anki.


It is not entirely clear what the purpose of this add-on is, but it looks really cool.


It is nigh upon two years since I composed and published my original masterpiece about Anki. It was an instant classic and somehow got even better with time, like a fine bottle of Scotch. Since then I’ve learned a lot and grown tremendously as a person. I beat my video game addiction. I now give all of my focus to reality, important problems, and valuable relationships. I am twice as strong physically (thanks Pavel Tsatsouline!). And, most importantly, I’ve done 65,688 Anki reviews in that time. Hot damn!

A building.

I continue to endorse everything I wrote in that article (it really is a work of genius) and have included here both of the add-ons I mentioned there. In fact, “Speed Focus Mode” and “Right Hand Reviews” are the only ones you really need, and the rest I just included to pad out this post. Thanks for reading!